Indiana University East


Indiana University East is one of the universities that are members of the Indiana University System which is located in Richmond, Indiana. The campus offers a long line of programs and degrees that we can choose in accordance with the wishes and interests. When we do a search through the official website, we will find that the campus divide programs offered into 8 categories ranging from business and economics, education, general studies, humanities and social sciences, informatics, natural science and mathematics, nursing, social work, and online programs offered to bachelor and master’s degree. Indiana University East to try to empower students to be able to go beyond what is stated in the text book which also will make them into a broader insight. This is done by educators who are experts and professionals who are owned by the university. In addition to studying on campus, IU East also offers real-life experience through internships, service learning, and others. Everything aims to enable students to have experiences that can inspire and make them grow into formidable.