Humboldt State University is that has been established since 1913, located in Arcata within Humboldt County, California. It is also a northernmost campus of California State University system with some feat in itself as follows. (1) Best Western Colleges – HSU been a prominent region and be the only universities in an extended geographic area. In addition, HSU is one of 123 colleges named Best Western College by the Princeton Review. (2) Colleges with a conscience – HSU is one of the colleges included in the book profiles Princeton Review as one of the 81 schools chosen as colleges with a conscience that involves society community. In addition to some of the achievements that have been mentioned above, there are many other achievements of the HSU that we can get by doing a search through several sources such as the internet. There are several choices of majors that can be found when searching information ranging from biology, art, elementary education, business administration, English, psychology and wildlife, to kinesiology. We will find 44 undergraduate majors, 72 options or concentrations, minor 73 undergraduate degrees, 13 credential programs, 12 graduate programs, up to 12 certificates of study.