Georgia Southwestern State University


Georgia Southwestern State University is a comprehensive state university that became part of the University System of Georgia. There are many options offered degree programs, including bachelor, master, and specialist. The campus is trying to bring excellence in a variety of ways, especially in terms of teaching and learning so as to encourage the growth of intellectual, social, and personal for its students, faculty, staff, to the community. Graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University shows a general competency in the following areas: composing organized, coherent, and accurate responses to problems or texts; Evaluating problems or texts, articulating factual and conceptual knowledge concerning societal dynamics; Evaluating the relationship between observation and inference in the natural sciences; interpreting symbolic representations of the data relevant to the physical world; articulating factual and conceptual knowledge of the humanities and fine arts; understanding of cultural differences; critical evaluation of information; quantitative problem solving; and written communication.