Georgia Regents University


Georgia Regents University was established in 1828 and included as one of four comprehensive research institutions in Georgia. The University has nine colleges and schools ranging from college of allied health sciences; Pamplin College of arts, humanities and social sciences; hull college of business; college of dental medicine; college of education; the graduate school; college of nursing; college of science and mathematics; and medical college of Georgia. To associate degrees offered, we will find an associate of arts, associate of science and associate of applied science in criminal justice. For bachelors of art, we will find there are many courses are offered ranging from art, communication, criminal justice, English, history, music, political, and sociology. For a bachelor of fine arts, we can choose to get art is divided into general drawing, drawing or painting, sculpture or ceramics, and printmaking or photography. For a bachelor of arts in foreign languages, we can choose Spanish, French, Spanish education and French education at Georgia Regents University.