Fort Valley State University


Fort Valley State University is a public university founded in 1895 which occupies an area of ​​1365 acres. When we do a search for information about this university, we will find there are a number of the most popular majors ranging from biology, psychology, education, criminal justice and corrections, management and operations, to business administration. With students per faculty ratio is 17: 1, we find that the average level of student retention and student satisfaction indicator is 60 percent. Fort Valley State University consist of a number of comprises colleges ranging from colleges of agriculture, arts and sciences, education, special academic programs, up to economic. The layout of the campus is located in southwest Macon. There are a number of services that we will get to decide when to education, ranging from health services, placement services, non remedial tutoring, and health insurance. We will also have campus safety, 24-hour emergency telephones, security services (like 24-hour foot and vehicle Patrols), lighted pathways and sidewalks, late night transport and escort service, and dormitory access controlled.