Fort Lewis College is one of the colleges located in southwest Colorado that occupies an area of ​​247 acres. When we stepped into this campus, then we will find a diversity of tribes, nations, and cultures possessed. At least, there are 50 countries from around the world are educated in this area, not to mention 155 American Indian tribes and Native villages in Alaska. When we study the official website of this campus (at, then we would see a sizable percentage – about 43% for the multicultural population. If we are interested to spend some time in this place, then we will find there are some majors most popular of which may be one of them also become our favorite ranging from teacher education, sociology, psychology, exercise science, environmental studies, English, engineering, business administration, biology, and art and design. The campus is also trying to help the students in maximizing the potential and ability they have with a number of programs, including graduate school application program.