Florida Polytechnic University


Florida Polytechnic University was founded in 2012, precisely on April 20, whose mission is to prepare each student to understand and be ready to face the rigors of life’s challenges by equipping its students in various fields of science. Looking ahead, it is expected students to become problem solvers and innovative professionals. In other words, the university is designed to be different with other universities where the graduates are expected to have the talent and skills that make them employable and not awkward in the middle of the community. Florida Polytechnic University hopes to become a university of innovation that can meet the challenges of the world. The University is located in the waterfront neighborhood that is very comfortable so it will not make us feel bored. In obtaining a transport mode that easily because the campus location that will not make us have to foot too much of a variety of public places. For information, the university is a public university for engineering and technology dedicated to science, engineering and mathematics, and technology.