Florida Gulf Coast University


Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the university’s with vision and mission that are very clear. For vision, the university wished to achieve national excellence in order to obtain a high quality education value. For at FGCU is based on science and the liberal arts that use of instructional technology. In addition, graduates of this college are expected to have a high entrepreneurial spirit so that they can live productive while directly involved in the community. Florida Gulf Coast University offers many options for undergraduate degree programs and graduate degree programs are superior. Owned academic excellence focused on developing a variety of programs related to science, engineering and mathematics disciplines, technology, marine and environmental sciences, health professions, and business. Campus also always focuses on teaching and student-centered learning and innovative so that the students can face many challenges when they graduate. The campus is established and erected to mark the arrival of the new century by which time it happened that changed the history of American higher education presence. Present as a public educational institution, FGCU strive for as much as possible to give the opportunity for anyone to get a quality education needs.