Dalton State College


Dalton State College is part of the University System of Georgia that offers many options ranging from bachelor’s degree to a bachelor’s career certificate programs. The school is dedicated to providing broad access to quality. When we visit the official website at www.daltonstate.edu, we will find there is a lot of important information that we can use, including the mission carried colleges. Yup, Dalton College’s mission is to provide high quality education to residents of Northwest Georgia, which in turn could increase the economic vitality and quality of life. There some core commitments owned by Dalton College as follows. (1) Provide the selection, support, and develop the talents of students so as to create an environment that is cooperative, open, and improvement of learning technologies; (2) Dalton State College providing superior value in the learning environment in order to promote a high level of achievement for students and provide more educational opportunities and services in accordance with the academic support.