Columbus State University


Columbus State University is located in suburban and downtown Columbus, Georgia in an area of ​​132 acres for the main campus. Before having his name as it is today, this university is called Columbus College opened as a junior college in 1958 at Hosiery mill with 15 faculties and has nearly 300 students in the first year. Colleges and schools offered at this campus include a college of the arts, turner college of business, college of education and health professions, college of letters and sciences, TSYS School of computer science, Schwob School of Music, up to school of nursing. Columbus State University offers many degree programs including a choice of undergraduate, graduate, and a 1 year certificate programs leading. Here are some program options are offered: associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied science in criminal justice, bachelor of arts, bachelor of business administration, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of music, bachelor of science, bachelor of science in education, bachelor of science in nursing, master of arts, master of arts in teaching, master of business administration, master of education, master of music, master of public administration, master of public safety administration, master of science, master of science in nursing, specialist in education, and a doctorate of education.