Colorado State University system comes with 3 campuses that have roles and missions are different from each other. To be sure, the campus plans to build a Colorado become stronger by focusing on teaching, service, and research. (1) CSU in Fort Collins – this is one of the three universities that are members of the CU system and is the flagship university. The University is a doctoral granting research university with a student number in the tens of thousands of people. In the process, we will find that this is a university with a proud achievement includes a variety of innovative research in various fields of study. (2) CSU Pueblo – this is designed as an educational Hispanic serving institution with a student who reached 5000 people. There are many choices of programs and fields of study offered by the Pueblo campus, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, business, humanities, to engineering. We can also find other programs such as the automotive industry management, railroad engineering and Mechatronics when searching information on this campus. (3) Global CSU campus – is an independent university that is designed to serve adult learners for the Colorado region and other areas. Excellence in academic and deliver innovative learning solutions are some of the commitments that constantly guarded by the campus.