Coastal Carolina University (Coastal Carolina or CCU)


Address: Conway, South Carolina, U.S

Coastal Carolina University (Coastal Carolina or CCU) is a liberal arts university that is located in Conway, South Carolina, USA. It is positioned 13 km west of Myrtle Beach. It is also a national sea-grant Institution and owns part of Waties Island. Coastal Carolina is also the home of Horry County Schools Scholars Academy, a high school for gifted students.

Coastal Carolina University (Coastal Carolina or CCU) provides eight knowledge goals designed to educate students in the liberal arts tradition. They can select what they want. This Curriculum is designed to teach students the communication, inquiry skills, and the critical thinking. Those concepts will bring student to be successful in college and in their future professional lives.

The Curriculum purposes to provide an educational experience in the liberal arts tradition that supports critical thinking, free inquiry, effective communication, and creativity. It will develop the skills necessary to think clearly and logically, to gather and analyze information, and to express themselves effectively.