Chicago State University


Chicago State University was founded in 1867 and along the way, we will find there are many things that changed from this school, including name, location, until the focus. However, there is one important thing that has always held firm by the university, which is trying to continuously improve services and education mission in Chicago and surrounding communities. When we look back in the past, then we will find the number of applicants in the first year of this school stands just 62 people. Compare with the current number reached 7200 people. Surely this is an achievement that cannot be underestimated, is not it?!. Chicago State University has five colleges are business, health sciences, education, arts and science, and pharmacy. The university offers 38 programs for undergraduate degrees and 30 graduate degrees programs. When we learn more, we will find that the CSU has a non-traditional programs and division of continuing education that is intended to reach a wider public through distance learning, extension courses, and not for credit programs.