California State University, Sacramento is a public university, which is one part of the California State University system and is included as one of four major California State University systems. We will also find that this is one of the largest comprehensive colleges in California and is a campus known for having the most diversity in the California State University system. When we decided to get an education in this place, then do a search for CSU Sacramento information through multiple sources is a good idea to do. To note, in 2011 ago, the campus has been named as one of the best design schools in the world by Bloomberg Businessweek. We will also find that the campus to get the best rank 11th overall in the Master of Fine Arts which was awarded by US News & Report. For educational programs offered at CSU Sacramento, we will find several options, including art and letters, business administration, continuing education, education, engineering and computer science, health and human service, natural science and mathematics, and social sciences.