We can get more information for California State University, Fullerton by visiting the official website at There are many things that will be found there, including the mission and objectives to be achieved by the university. As a regional university with a global outlook, Fullerton had the goal to combine the best qualities of teaching and research where all the elements involved and work together, including students, faculty, and staff are finally able to expand knowledge. There are a number of objectives to be achieved by Fullerton and some of them are ensuring excellence in teaching; providing quality programs that meet the evolving needs of the students, community, and region; improving scientific and creative activities; make collaboration an integral of the activities carried out; create an environment that will make the students have the same opportunity to succeed; etc. Located in Orange County, Los Angeles, we will find a beautiful campus in the land area of ​​236 acres with 29 permanent buildings as the main campus, student residence halls, and more.