Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College


Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College was established in 1908 and is part of the State College of the University System of Georgia. This college is located in Tifton, Georgia and offers some to baccalaureate and associate degrees. Many people are wondering sure about the name of the college. Well, college is named after Abraham Baldwin because he was a signer of the US Constitution as well as the first president of the University of Georgia. When we do a search for the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, then we will find that the Reviews largest single minor in this place is the nursing which will prepare students to be certified as a Registered Nurse. We will also find some other program options including natural resource management, biology, rural studies, diversified agriculture, to turf grass and golf course management. Do not ask about the facilities owned because we will not be disappointed. There are many facilities including a museum of agriculture and historic village that can be explored until satisfied.