Eastern Kentucky University


Eastern Kentucky University is a public educational institution in Kentucky which was established in 1906 which occupies an area of ​​675 hectares. When we do a search for information about this university, then we will find that this is a comprehensive university where students come to learn. To get information in a way that is easy and fun, then visit the official website of the university through www.eku.edu is a very good idea to apply. And since this is a university that uses the semester-based academic calendar, it will be very important for us to know the last line registration. Note also the ACT and SAT test scores. Eastern Kentucky University has a number of popular majors include: homeland security; air traffic controllers; aeronautics/ aviation/ aerospace science and technology; airline/ commercial/ professional pilot and flight crew; aerospace/ aeronautical and astronautical/ space engineering. In EKU, we will get a number of support services that will help achieve academic success according to what we expect. For a program that stands out in this place, we will find justice and safety, environmental health sciences, forensic science, up to education.